Theresa Williams

Charlotte, Nc Usa

Theresa's book From Agnostic to Deacon, A Story of Hope and Conversion came out on Amazon on January 3, 2015. She describes how God's grace took her husband from agnosticism into ministry. It begins with Kevin's family's unusual combination of being Southern and Catholic, how he grows apart from the faith during his teenage years, and his entry into the Navy. He met his wife, Theresa, at military music school and knew she was someone special. In the early years of their marriage she often went to church alone, and she shares her heartache about that. However, Theresa's perseverance in prayer not only resulted in Kevin coming to church with her, it set in motion a series of events that would change their lives forever. She shares the twists and turns in their life, what they learned, and how these became stepping stones for their future--one they never could have imagined. By their yeses along the way and stepping out in faith, they discover the surprises God had in store for them all along. If you think miracles are for others or don't happen anymore, Kevin and Theresa are living proof that God is full of surprises, life is full of possibilities, and yes, even miracles!

Theresa, a lifelong Catholic, has published articles in Deacon's Digest, a national deacon's magazine. She has written numerous articles for The Servant which is the newsletter of the permanent deacons in the Charlotte diocese. Her articles on work include A Man Named John, Compassion or Enabling, Letting Go for Something Better, Work - A Different Perspective, and My Patron Saint of Work. Theresa has written numerous others including A Christmas Reflection, Sabbath - Not Just for Sundays, and Jesus - God of the Ordinary? She has sung in the choir for over 20 years and is a catecthist for aspiring Catholics coming into the Church. Theresa has assisted in her husband's airport chaplaincy ministry since his ordination in 2006. She and her husband presented Marriage Encounter Weekends for approximatley five years and were in leadership for two years. Theresa is a native of South Dakota who met her husband Kevin while they were in the military serving as musicians. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband who is a Charlotte native, a permanent deacon, a certified spiritual director, and an airport chaplain.