Polly Birtwistle

Hi there,

Thanks so much for visiting my little part of this massiveinternet. Welcome to my blog. I plan for this to mostly be a recipe blog for meto remember the best (and worst) meals I cook.

I grew up as one of five children. Meal times were noisy, almostsavage. We fought each other over who got which alphabite in our early years,later on it was a fight over who got the crispy bit of the lasagna, and now?Well….now my mum has learnt to just cook double the amount needed. We all getwhat we want and bonus! We all get to leave with an armful of leftovers.

When I was younger (shamefully not actually that much younger) Iused to eat 3 packet noodles a day. That was brunch, lunch and dinner sorted.Easy. I like to think that my tastes have maybe, not matured, but definitelyexpanded along the way.

I love bacon. Like totally 100% love it. I even smoke my own. I add it to almosteverything. Mmm. so meaty. so salty. so smoky. so freaking delicious.

One of my other big loves is dim sum. Those littleparcels of doughy sumptuousness are just too good. I could eat them all dayevery day. I actually would if my other half didn’t remind me that sometimesvariety is best.

Soup noodles. Mmmmm…again, got a little obsessionwith noodle soup. About 3 years ago for about 8 months I very nearly ate noodlesoup every day….with dumplings of course! It was GREAT!

Oh wow and pasta!!!! Pasta is definitely one of thegreats.

And mushrooms! Anchovies, goats cheese, sun driedtomatoes, oh my. So many delicious things.

One thing I’ve never been able to get on board withis fresh tomatoes. Just horrid. Really really bad. Does anyone have a remedyfor this?! So many yummy recipes ask for raw tomato. Eugh!

I guess I want to write this blog because I justlove cooking food. I have heaps to learn, but I think that’s the exciting part.

Hopefully you’ll think so too.

Hope you enjoy reading.