Jameel Hijazeen

Smakieh, Karak, Jordan

Under the alias of Moa'bite, I am an enthusiastic blogger since 2007 at www.AManFromMoab.com. Who is Moa’bite?

When I started my blog in May 2007, I was a medical student. I am currently a training doctor (intern) in Jordan. I dream of getting my medical specialty in Germany.

I live in a southern Jordanian village called Smakieh. More than 2800 years ago, Smakieh was part of a kingdom called “The Moa’bite Kingdom”. A person from Moa’b was called “Moa’bite”. Hence, the name of the blog (A Man From Moab) and the nickname (Mo’abite).

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Under the alias of Moa’bite, I am an enthusiastic blogger since 2007. Why do I blog and what do I blog about?

To not a small group of my fellow Arabs, I am different because I was born to a Christian family. To another not a small group, this time of Christians, I am different because I was born to an Arab family. I believe this is the dilemma that each Arab Christian lives in. Nonetheless, I initially successfully resolved it by no longer identifying myself with any of the previous two groups (sorry!). For about 6 years after the establishment of this blog, I started identifying myself as a Human Being with no fellow Arabs or fellow Christians, but with fellow Human Beings!

But, as years passed, I discovered how many human beings do not recognize other human beings to be as “human” as they are. They are not humans either because they are infidels, terrorists, black, uncivilized… so on and so forth of this endless human “creativity”. As a result, I finally settled to identify myself as a “Homo sapien” with no fellow Arabs, Christians, or Human beings, but with fellow Homo sapiens. Even if others did not think that you have the correct ethnicity, religion, color, etc, they can’t deny that you are all at the end equal…Homo sapiens brothers and sisters!

I mainly blog about what I think was, is, and will remain the salvation of humanity: Science and Knowledge in general. Everything other than science-based information seems to divide humna beings. So, if I do not think that fanatism is always wrong, I would have called my self “a science fanatic”.

I like most things to be evidence-based not opinion-based. I like to explain the world around me using science and logic not using religion and personal opinions (sorry again!). Together, if we forgot what divides us, we can create a better tomorrow for all… all Homo sapiens.

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    • Bachelor's Degree in Medicine and Surgery, MBBS