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Writer, Software Engineer, and Mother in Cocoa Beach, Florida

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My own personal practice of meditation converged with my education as well as my work in the addictions field until I found a unique method of meditation counseling that I have found to be very effective and super enjoyable. The most important thing I have learned thus far in my journey is that every person has the key within themselves to heal and grow. It is not really my job to fix or teach, per se, but to be open to my students. I've learned through blogging that I take a rather cheeky and whimsical but still highly effective stance on meditation.

Come check out blog From Stillness where I rather irreverently attempt to enlighten the world. :)

Or for a more professional view and to get specifics on my classes and counseling sessions offered via phone or in person, check out my website,

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    • Intuitive Counseling & Meditation Teacher
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    • B.L.A. Psychology