Frontier Polymers

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Ever since the company - Frontier Polymers Pvt. Ltd. - formation in 1989, it has steadily gained reputation as one of the leading water tank manufacturers in India. We also manufacture water tanks, storage containers, litter bins and road safety products. We are committed to the task of making good rotational moulded products.

We started by making rectangular large size container for the textile mills and simple mono layer water tanks. This continued till 1999 and by now we have built a name in both these fields - Industrial containers for textile mills, and water storage tanks, like rectangular water tanks, for commercial and private use. We are also involved into the manufacturing of high quality rectangular water tanks.

In 2001, Frontier made its first Road Barrier. From then to now has been a story of constant learning, up gradation, R&D & Innovation in this filed. We can proudly say that our Road Safety Products enjoy the best reputation for its product quality and innovation. We cater to the best of infrastructure development companies in the country and have also been exporting our range of products. Great emphasis is laid on non fading of colours, UV stabilization, night time reflectivity and overall design. We have also won awards in this field.