Frontline ER

Emergency Care and Clinic in Richmond, Texas

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FRONTLINE ER is a state-of-the-art emergency room facility with board-certified emergency medicine physicians and emergency-trained registered nurses. With capabilities comparable to a hospital-based ER we are ready to treat emergencies large or small in adults, children and infants but without the wait. With a fully equipped lab, imaging department including a low-radiation CT, digital X-ray and bedside ultrasound your diagnosis and treatment will be prompt and efficient, exceeding the typical ER experience.

Our doctors are board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, different than even many hospital-based ERs that may not have all doctors certified to this level. Our doctors and nurses are trained in all aspects of emergency care from pediatrics, adults, & geriatrics, so we can treat any member of your family. Our doctors maintain privileges at local hospitals, and have treated the most complex life threatening cases, down to minor illnesses.

Frontline ER provides 24/7 emergency center to treat serious and life-threatening injuries and diseases. We are committed to delivering excellent community service, integration of technology and patient satisfaction.

Our Emergency services are –

High-Quality Imaging

Urgent Lab

Trauma and Emergency Care

Minor Illness and Injuries

Labs and Medications

Frontline ER in Richmond

Frontline ER is the new emergency room service in Richmond, TX that has certified emergency medicine physicians. We also have emergency trained registered nurses. We have the capability to provide the same level of care as a hospital-based ER. Frontline ER is capable of treating emergencies in adults, children and even in infants. What makes them special is that you won’t have to wait.

Frontline ER in Dallas

Frontline ER located in White Rock Lake/Lakewood community in Dallas, TX is the emergency room facility that has certified emergency medicine doctors. Our nurses are also emergency-trained that provide the best care for all patients.

Best Emergency Care Near you, No appointments are needed at Frontline ER, but you can call us to let us know you’re on your way, 214-499-9555 for Richmond, or 281-766-3811 for Dallas.