Matthew Seremet

Hi there, my name is Matthew Seremet, I'm twenty one years young. I was born right outside of Chicago but raised in Virginia for the first 6 years of my life, then it was Maine for 2 years, and for the past 13 I have been here in West Hartford, Connecticut, right next to the state's capital city. (Literally blocks!) I am an avid artist, mathematician, scientist, and general inquirer of life. I have been interested in science for the past 17 years, art for the past 15 years, and web design for the past 11. At least, those are my best estimates based off memories of activities in those fields. I am a High School graduate, and currently attending Manchester Community College to earn an associates degree in Graphic Design. With my degree in hand I hope to earn career work or gain entrance into advanced art colleges in the state of California. It has been a churning dream of mine to move out there, though I always seem to get stuck here in Connecticut. I spend most of my time working on personal art projects, or relaxing with my friends, or organizing fellow artists for Blue Fingers (an artist collective movement I initiated). With time I hope to organize my ideas, my goals, and my experiences into torrential powers of progress in society. This means I will be looking to help out wherever I can. I hope to see you in the future, we should collaborate on life!