Mary Frost-Pierson

I am probably best known as Mary, the Mystery Lady, and onetime owner of Mysteries From The Yard bookstore in Yellow Springs, OH. I finished up a teaching carreer at the University of Dayton, and (for my sins) often had 2 sections of Business Ethics. Every winter I got to do a course that is very unique (which I designed) called Islamic Philosophy and Culture. An opportunity to do music, architecture, and literature, in addition to some Philosophy capital "P" and the inevitable discussions of "why are there terrorists?" Have had a checquered career, to put it mildly, but started out in English Literature, trained as a Middle Eastern archaeologist, and wound up in a Philosophy Department at a Catholic Marianist university that is primarily an engineering school... These days much of my time is occupied with writing and revising fiction.. After many years where all my output was nonfiction, as in book reviews, academic papers, and nonprofit fundraising publications, I am thoroughly enjoying letting my imagination run. For many years I supplied backgound analysis on Islamic affairs to several television stations in the Cincinnatia and Dayton area, and still hope that a publisher will buy a proposal for a general interst book on how Midwestern Bible belt students react as they encounter courses on Islam. Do not travel as much as I did in me salad days, but do hope to once again get to Greece, Scotland, and Bahrain - some of my favorite places. Maintain a zen practice (my teacher is in the Aitkin Diamond Tradition) and am on the Board of The Yellow Springs Dharma Center.