FrozenZen by Dutombe

FrozenZen is the entity presenting several series of fine art photography created by the artist Claude Peschel Dutombe.
These artworks have been selected to compliment the contemporary interior. They are unique pieces of art for any public or private space, creating a calming Zen-like ambience.

The Artist

The son of a playwright and a film director, Claude Peschel Dutombé was born and raised in Berlin but has made his home in Asia for the past ten years. Growing up with strong creative influences, his artistic vision was shaped early on by exposure to art and extensive travel. His photographic studies and portraits showcase the exotic beauty and enduring spirit of his current residence, Bangkok. Dutombé captures the essence of nature and the organic beauty of his subjects through simplicity of form and a refined sense of style. Mr. Claude, as he is best known, is widely recognized in Asia and Europe and collected privately worldwide.