Gerhard H.J. Fruhmann MA, Ritter

Writer, Consultant, and Reiki Master in Graz, Österreich

I am a consultant, Reiki Master, founder of the SenseiReiki Academy, a certified Human Energetic with commercial licence from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce - that's a kind of energetic healer, a certified Hypnosis Trainer and book author of Gesund & vital aus eigenger Kraft and Sprache und Abbild. Systemisch-konstruktivistische Zugänge für TrainerInnen.

I am also president of the NGO Kinderbuero, working for the United Nations - Convention on the Rights of the Child together with the Government.

I currently live in Graz, Austria.

My interests range from philosophy to entrepreneurship for a better world for all beings. I am also in travel, arts, and Prof. Teaching and Training.

I am a Knight of the Order of St. George of the House of Habsburg-Lothringen and engaged in political EU-Lobbying.

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