Fruit Ninja Hack

Ever heard of the mobile Fruit Ninja game? Now you get to play the enjoyable, addictive game on your computer. Slice up all the fruits before they hit the ground and watch out for the explosive bait. Slice fresh fruits on your screen with sharp blades and score, that's what Fruit Ninja is. Need more score to beat your friends? Easy hack is here for you.No need to edit config files etc, we got a simple Fruit Ninja hack which will increase your score easily. After that you can show your scores to your friend and make them jealous.First of all get Fruit Ninja hack tool now, once you install it, open Fruit Ninja cheats tool and select the current processes (make sure Fruit ninja is running!!) and select fruit ninja, then play fruit ninja at the same time. When in the middle of game play when you get a score number of 1 and above, go back to Fruit Ninja cheats engine and type in the score number and hit next, now go back to fruit ninja and get another score and go back to Fruit Ninja cheats tool and type in the number of the score again, repeat the steps above until the number of your current score only has one or two copies, THEN change the number to any large number and hit OK, and there you have it! You have h a c k e d the high score of fruit ninja!

Fruit Ninja Hack Cheats Tool Features

1. Starfruit

2. Juice

3. Disable Bombs

4. Undetectable

5. 100% Working

6. Updated

7. Anti-virus Tested

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