Fruit Oliver

Athens , Georgia

Fruit Oliver

Athens , Georgia

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19 years old

UGA Womens Basketball

Born: May 4, 1995, In Cordele, Georgia, small town 30 miles from Albany, know as Crisp County, or Watermelon Capital Of The World.

Favorite food: Cheese Pizza

In my spare time when I'm not in practice or in study hall, I play video games, my favorite video game is Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

I'm the only girl out of 5 boys in my family. I got my nickname from my 2 older brothers, we pick watermelon in the summer, like 4,000 acres a day. I always ate ALOT of watermelon, so one day they decided to start calling me fruit, and now its worldwide. It's who I'm known as and i feel like the name fits me and my personality.

I grew up in a rough house hold, whatever you wanted you had to work for it, nothing came easy.

"If it was easy, then everyone would do it".

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    • UGA Student - Athlete
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    • University Of Georgia