Chloe ☁️

Student in North Carolina

Chloe ☁️

Student in North Carolina

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Hello, I'm Chloe! You can also call me Sheep, which is a childhood nickname of mine. I prefer she/her pronouns but they/them are cool too.

Before I say anything else, don't follow me if you are homophobic, racist, transphobic, sexist, anti-sjw, or anything along those lines bc that's a big no. I'm not really big on sharing my opinions but I will every once in a while.

My interests include science, nature, music, and design. My favorite artist is David Bowie and I really like classic alternative and Broadway music. Other things I like are singing, cosplay, lacrosse, and swimming.

I don't really think my phantom of the opera obsession is ever going away but I like other shows, I promise.

If you wish to be tagged as someone, I'll try my hardest to remember and tag you!

I'm gay for Sarah (she made me put that.)

I'm not that interesting so that is all.

Ps if you ever want to talk, please feel free to DM me! I'm an incredibly awkward person so I apologize in advanced for that.

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