okay before you follow-

this is a vent account and stuff i say gets REALLY heavy sometimes.

i know my boundaries as far as venting goes and if i ever mention suicide it is almost an idle thought. but if you are triggered by stuff like that or just negativity in general, DO NOT REQUEST.

also, i do occasionally post nsfws in photos and/or captions of mine, so dont request if ur sensitive to that shit either.

IMPORTANT: do not follow if i know you irl, no matter how close we are i will reject you. also if we have ever been in any kind of romantic relationship you will most likely (depending) be rejected. if you dont follow my main or are on bad terms with me, dont even bother. i will probably only accept people i know well.

ALSO IMPORTANT: never EVER, tell me to calm down or chill unless you are giving me advice on how to do so. unless we are supersupersuper fucking close i will block you before you even have time to realize it.

my main is @bitcchi and if you need to know anything about me personally read the byf on there (although it is outdated)