London, Ontario, Canada

FRYFOGLE is a Canadian Indie/Garage/Alternative/Rock band fromLondon, Ontario set to launch a fledgling album entitled "The Conditionsof Existence" July of 2015. The sound that FRYFOGLE produces has beendescribed as “Queens Of The Stone Age Meets Beck around a campfire with Eels.”

For all intent, FRYFOGLE is Shawn James Fryfogle having wrote,sung, arranged, engineered, played, programmed, and produced the 10 tracks thatcontrive "The Conditions of Existence".

Shawn is no stranger to the Canadian music scene having playedin bands, been a sound engineer, promoted and participated in various projectsfor a number of years. After a self-imposed sabbatical of 5 years away frommusic, Shawn dove into the world of digital audio production in late 2013. Withonly an old Mac PowerBook, a 4 channel Radio Shack Mixer, a beat up Midikeyboard and a couple of his beloved Shure SM58 microphones he soon had thebeginnings of over 30 songs, 10 of which will be featured on this first album.

FRYFOGLE has already been receiving internet- radio airplay onvarious stations as he tests out the reaction to some of the songs on the up& coming album “The Conditions Of Existence.” One of the songs “Eleven LongYears” was featured on “Creatures Of The Night” a 4-song sampler from FastFactory Records out of New York. “The fourth track by Fryfogle has a greatopening tone and riff. The vocals sound almost disembodied. Great groove,Slightly laid back feel but solid rhythm maintains the energy and drive. ElevenLong Yeas has a garage-rock type of sound that is not overproduced.” – A reviewof “Creatures Of The Night” by Andrulians Blog on WordPress. Shawn has also been featured on NewMusic Saturdays with Dr. Bones & Mad Andersons on Spreaker. New Music Saturday’s features brilliantglobal Indie music and riveting artist interviews.

Aptly titled "The Conditions of Existence", FRYFOGLE'Ssongs talk of the conditions in which we live. From the love of a beautifulwoman to the expectations of organized religion to the throes of addiction,Fryfogle is unafraid to write and sing about it all. His songs are random,diverse and steaming over with emotion. Expect the unexpected on FRYFOGLE'S"The Conditions of Existence" coming your way.....JULY 27th,2015!!!!

You can listen to, follow, subscribe, like and fan FRYFOGLE atthe following:

1) www.reverbnation.com/fryfogle4

2) www.soundcloud.com/fryfogle-music

3) https://www.facebook.com/fryfogle69

4) https://twitter.com/Fryfogle69

5) http://www.spreaker.com/user/fryfog

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