Froilan Perlas

I hope that anybody who comes across my site respects everything that is written and would maintain the sacredness of one's property...

In this world, we really cannot control or avoid people trying to put your dignity and character into the test. And as I grow older I realized that life is indeed full of surprises.

This taught me what humility is all about, and in the midst of struggles and negativity, GOD WAS ALWAYS THERE FOR US! Constantly gave us courage and countless blessings.

Now I know by just being who you are and being fearless to face any obstacles in life. LIFE IS WORTH LIVING FOR..


Sometimes its crazy to be sane:

you need to fall to fly

people suffer because you care

you have to unlearn to know the lesson

you have to give up because you're strong

you have to be wrong to make things right

Nonetheless, life's complexities are also life's source of beauty, hence, it's worth living for.

I've learned to appreciate and respect individualities, and I value this because with this I was able to make a difference in my own little ways...

I'm an optimistic person, love to laugh most of the time.

I dont take problems seriously, why dwell on it when you can resolve it or just accept it

I'm also environmental conscious..
And lastly, always tell myself that I would rather remain single than to have someone who is going to make my peacefull life miserable...