Frank P. Rzeznikiewicz

Director, Chief Operating Officer, and General Manager in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

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Frank Rzeznikiewicz is an efficiency expert and leader who has over forty years of professional experience in the manufacturing industry. Frank shows compassion for everyone in the industry and can relate to all levels of manufacturing as he has had experience in operations, procurement, engineering, assembly and test operations, international quality, and the management of a P&L. He has been recognized for his diligent work and strong results within productivity improvement, quality control and enhancement, process control, and lean manufacturing techniques.

Mr. Rzeznikiewicz is extremely talented when it comes to process analysis and is well known for his devotion to his employees, especially when it comes to their safety, holding one of the best safety records in the industry. He takes safety precautions seriously and demands safety and environmental protections must be worn at all times in order for organizations in the manufacturing industry to reach sustainable results. With more than thirty years of management experience, Frank supports and demonstrates a workplace hierarchy at his company, knowing that ethical decision making and following safety regulations are at the forefront of the industry.

For Frank Rzeznikiewicz, customer satisfaction and honest quality work and communication from his employees are vital elements that pave a path towards a successful organization. Employee engagement is also at the top of his hierarchy, stating “Each employee must know that you honestly care about them and their careers. If people do not have a defined career path, you must find a growth factor for them by providing variety in the workplace.” You must embrace your employees and there paradigms to be successful. Embrace change and your workforce and you will attain an organization that is not only premier but one that is respected.

Overall, Frank Rzeznikiewicz is a passionate leader that has a personal commitment to helping others, both in the industry and in his community. He believes that “We define ourselves by what we add value to in not only the workplace, but the world. If we do not add value in the entire spectrum, we are lacking.

Frank's foundation is on passion and respecting others. He has the highest employee satisfaction survey results because he understands every element of the business and people. Frank follows a philosophy of being humble, "Lets your peers recognize your successes not your words"

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    • USSC Group
  • Education
    • Masters of Science in Business Management