Florida School Counselor Association

Florida School Counselor Association

FSCA’s Vision

The Florida School Counselor Association (FSCA) expands the image and influence of professional school counselors through advocacy, leadership, collaboration and systemic change at the state level. FSCA empowers professional school counselors with the knowledge, skills, linkages, and resources to promote student success in the school, the home, the community, and the world.

FSCA’s Mission
The mission of FSCA is to represent professional school counselors and to promote professionalism and ethical practices.

FSCA’s Goals

1. Professional development opportunities in areas of critical need are made available to all professional school counselors in the state.

2. Timely, relevant information exists that supports professional school counselors and student advocacy.

3. Legislative policy exists that supports professional school counselors and child advocacy.

4. Leaders at local and state levels champion and lead change initiatives.

5. FSCA maintains an organizational structure and administrative functions that facilitate the accomplishment of the goals and objectives.

Florida School Counselor Association
P.O. Box 752
Safety Harbor, Fl 34695-0752

Phone or Fax: (888) 785-8611
Email: fsca@fla-schoolcounselor.org

FSCA is a proud division of the
American School Counselor Association