Fritz Scanlan

Waianae, HI.

Hello my dear family and friends,

It's getting close for me, Lisa, and our two sons to be heading home to Hawaii.
We haven't been home together for 15 yrs, but we're finally doing it. We'll be there in the early part of December.

This trip will be focused on "Family." It will include a wedding for our daughter, time spent with our moms and our grandsons, and we want Sebastian and Samuel to experience their culture, enjoy the different foods, and mingle with the people. We hope to enjoy the beaches and possibly go to a show like the Polynesian Culture Center.

However, we need your help. Before we finalize some of our plans for our trip, we wanted to make sure we could secure it all by offering you something we know you'll like.

That's where you come in. Please take a few moments of your time to answer a very simple quesiton.

If you had ten dollars in your pocket, what would you be willing to buy, coming from a couple of Hawaii local people?

Actually, it'll be from Lisa. She's the cook. She would like to make some homemade Hawaii style food in exchange for your financial support.

Those of you who know Lisa - home grown from the island of Oahu, know she can cook. Just look at her family... Myself, her husband: "When I got married to Lisa, within eight months, I gained 80lbs, I went from being a slim 220lbs to a whopping 300lbs... that's because of her great tasting food." And take her 5 children; Nope, growing up, the kids did not do junk food as a norm; it was none other than Lisa's great cooking. Still today, the kids love her food, (the oldest being 33, and the youngest being 16) and they still request she makes their favorite dishes they're in the mood for.

So now, you get to name two of your top food choices you're in the mood for and would like to purchase, and with in three days, we'll share with everyone the two top choices, and how we plan to meet those desires.

Again, in three days, we'll provide you with the two top choices everyone had mentioned, and come up with a plan to complete your order.

Here are some choices to start your palate: her teriyaki beef, mochi/fried chicken, mac/potato salad, beef stew, etc. You know what she makes and what you're in the mood for.

So, I'm very excited about this offer and to see your choices? "Email me" above. Skip "register/log in," just add your name, email, and your message, and click send.