Farida Seif

A student who goes to Schutz American School of Alexandria. I live with my family and I'm Egyptian. I'm an Aries, I tend to sometimes be very stubborn. My goal is to graduate from school and college and do something very useful in my life. I love fashion and I want to move towards it more. I love my family! My parents, brother and sister, and family mean the world to me!

I believe that family is the most important thing is one's life. No one can forever live alone, ofcourse close friends are very important too, but nothing's like family. Family stick to you through your best and worst times, they will always have your back no matter what, and they will always help you get up whenever you fall. I think I'm very lucky to have a sister that is my closest and best friend, when it comes to my older sister, she's the only one I can tell anything to and look up to. She inspires me a lot and I love taking her advice in anything I face in my life because she's old enough and probably went through most of the things I go through now when she was my age and also because I know that she would always want the best for me and would never want to see me fall.

I always have faith in God, that only he can make anything come true and that nothing is really impossible when it comes to God. I like to dream big and never think that I'm not capable of doing certain things.