Jose Sanchez

Hello everyone, and thank you all for taking the time to check this out! oI am going to be discussiiong the top tier build opportunites for each of the classes in ESO! I will make sure that I am sharing only builds that are both viable nad up to date.the first build that I will tell you about is a PvP build for the templar class. This is from " ESO Templar PvP Build

Thanks for checking out this ESO Templar PvP Build. As a Templar, you’re fully capable of being a dominant force in player vs player situations — with the right build and play-style.
Templar PvP Build

Attribute Allocation: +20 Magicka, +12 Health, +17 Stamina
Ability Bar #1: Biting Jabs, Pierce Armor, Crippling Slash, Aurora Javelin, Honor the Dead, Crescent Sweep
Ability Bar #2: Biting Jabs, Focused Aim, Venom Arrow, Aurora Javelin, Honor the Dead, Crescent Sweep
Aedric Spear: Balanced Warrior (2/2), Piercing Spear (2/2), Spear Will (2/2), Burning Light (2/2)
Dawn’s Wrath: Restoring Sprint (2/2)
Racial’s (Imperial): Conditioning (3/3), Red Diamond (3/3), Shield Affinity (1/1), Tough (3/3
Bow: Accuracy (2/2), Hawk Eye (2/2), Long Shots (2/2), Ranger (2/2)
Heavy Armor: Constitution (2/2), Bracing (2/2), Rapid Mending (2/2), Juggernaut (2/2), Resolve (3/3)
1H/Shield: Sword and Board (2/2), Deflect Bolts (2/2), Deadly Bash (2/2), Fortress (2/2), Battlefield Mobility (2/2)
Guilds: Persuasive Will (Mages, 1/1), Intimidating Presence (Fighters, 1/1)

ESO Templar PvP Build Playstyle and Rotation

With this build, you are going to be a 1H Melee/Ranged Bow/Healing hybrid. This is a great combination for PvP, because versatility goes a very long way in Cyrodiil. Ability Bar #1 is your melee set, you can use Crippling Slash or Biting Jabs to CC your opponent and create some distance. The most important thing to remember with this build is to always have Pierce Armor active on your main target — it will lower their armor and magic resistance.

When you create distance, use Aurora Javelin to knock them back even further. At ranged, you can start dealing some very high damage by using Focused Aim with strong arrow attacks. You can also use Venom Arrow to incapacitate your opponent, as well as Aurora Javelin to create distance. Honor the Dead is still on your hotbar, so heal