Fatih Düzyol

opened my eyes to the one the biggest and colorful city in the world which is İstanbul in 1992. I was the last generation of 90s who had a chance to taste what is street, what is imagination to play games with friends not PlayStations. I was little bit lazy in primary school especially in mathematic topics. I was interesting about literature, writing, creating somethings. I was trying to write a book when I was in 5th degree. I captured 2 amateur movie when I came to High school. I was changing advertisements which I see in the television, by myself. Then I won the Anadolu University – Advertising Department with 400 degrees from 2 million students in 2010. After long English education journey in University my Advertising story began. I made internship in THE Advertising Agency which is located in Istanbul, without any academic knowledge. First day in the agency they gave me brief to work. I was looking the paper without any idea what is the brief. I took long breath and started to work 1,5 years in this agency as a Jr. Copywriter . I learned how to cook in the kitchen not from the book. I prepared one project for Cannes in 2012. Now I am exchange student in Ljubljana University from one year in lovely capital of Slovenia. After my Slovenia journey I am looking summer for internship in Dubai.
and I am saying my story is like Dubai crated from nothing in the dessert and I have too many things to put on it.