Florene S. Thornton

Florene Thornton grew up in Jackson, Mississippi. She started her career at the City of Jackson in 1996 as an Assistant Purchasing Agent and realized that her passion was in procuring products and managing contracts. She moved on to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia where she continues her career in County Government. She holds a degree in Business Administration from Clayton State University and M.B.A./Public Policy from Strayer University.

In addition to Florene’s passion for procurement, she expanded her career in finance and now manages the operations budget for a division within County Government. It consists of multi-million dollars transactions. Ms. Thornton has worked for the Government for 18 years and her interests are learning innovative ideals within the department. She enjoys travel, entertaining, church, shopping and spending time with family.

Ms. Thornton is an active member of the NIGP (Nation Institute for Government Purchasing Agents) and is certified with The State Purchasing Division.