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Elder Matthew Greaves, a young man called out since childhood to the service of Yahweh, has always had a passion for the Word of Yahweh. For years, he has been known to impart the word with anointing and the ability to breakdown the word so that everyone can understand – from the old to the youth. He was ordained under unusual and unplanned circumstances. In fact, nothing about Elder Matthew’s ministry has been usual or planned. He has said many times that he had no ambition to be a pastor or leader or to be head of any church. But as Yahweh often does, He selected this young man, similar to His divine selection of Abraham and David - while overlooked by others because of youth or seen as unprepared. The awesome way that our Father works is so that His name can be glorified and His purpose fulfilled.

In 2014, Elder Greaves was taken out of His familiar place and instructed to begin His own ministry. He labored in prayer and fasting for months, seeking the direction of Yahweh. On June 13, 2014 Faith Temple Worship Center (FTWC) was born. Our very first service was held at the Radisson Hotel. We were supported by many of our friends and well-wishers. This was our first step of Faith but it most certainly was not our last. By faith we believed Yahweh that our services would never be in a living room and since June 2014 our temporary home has been 755 Home Street in the Bronx. Our real location and working ground is in New Rochelle, New York. We have started the ground work there. Our very first college outreach was at College of New Rochelle (CNR) in March 2015 - "Keeping the Faith." This service was a great success and resulted in the salvation of one of our members who was baptized along with another in June 2015 - almost one year to the date of our initial service. During that year and in the last year we have ministered at St. John’s College, SUNY Old Westbury and again at CNR. The college ministry responded with great enthusiasm as Elder Matthew spread the word in such relateable ways.

In the last year, FTWC has also embarked on our most ambitious project to record a live album from which our highly anticipated single ‘Oh Give Thanks’ was released in April 2016. This is our first, but certainly not our last single.

Two years have gone by very quickly, we have by the grace of Yahweh through faith grown in grace and in numbers. Yahweh has blessed us abundantly and He has promised to continue opening doors for us, including that of our own building. We want t