Clare. I am a teenage girl, documenting my life through photos. I, myself is a proud Lasallian since 2007. I don’t smoke, don’t do drugs or have sex. I believe in religion and “idea of God”. I like to sleep a lot, sometimes i’m too lazy and I tend to really appreciate fluffy pillows after a long, tiring day. I’m a huge fan of anime. I hate liars, sluts, backstabbers and plastic people. I am a very sensitive person. I sometimes take things too seriously. I love hanging out with my girlfriends ♥. I can get extremely defensive if I think you’re trying to hurt me. My room is a total mess…clothes are everywhere. When I’m pissed off I talk with an accent (Ask my friends about it). I bite my nails, which are already super short. I procrastinate. Sometimes I am overflowing with love. Sometimes I am bursting with anger. I easily trust people, and I can keep a secret. And I’ll always be there for those who mean something to me, regardless of where we stand. I lack patience, except when it comes to something I love to do. I don’t normally like sweets but when I get depressed, the need for it comes and I start to gorge myself on it. I like making other people happy and helping them. I like kittens and cats, they’re willful, independent and playful. I’m an emotional person and sometimes my emotions can get the best of me. I’m an open minded person. Just show me that I can trust you and that’s all I need. And of course I am in love with a very amazing person. ♥