Thea Gbrl

Somewhere in the Philippines

Call me whatever you want, I don't really mind. 19 years suffering, just kidding! I cook, I eat, I dance and I don't sing. People from Korea, Australia, Canada, America and France is my prospects. Hahaha! I don't wanna talk to old and rich guys out there, what's the point? I already had a father in the first place. I dislike perv, humorless and slow people. Guys who typed like this "heLlo wAzZUp!?" was my greatest turn off. Type neatly, you don't want to recognize as a gay, right? I'd like to socialize over the internet but, in real? Uh no way! I don't care seeing and approaching random people. That's all, adios <3

  • Education
    • It's none of your business :')