Fuad Misbah

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Fuad Misbah is a young half-javanese half-pakistani Malaysian born graphic designer who believes that ideas and inspirations came from the heart and when you believed in it, that everything will be awesome! Born on March 6, 1987, he is proud to announce to the world that he is still a part of what people nowadays would call it as 80′s babies. He was born and raised in Perlis, Malaysia’s most northern state and now, after finishing his tertiary education in Kuala Lumpur, he continues to work and live in the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Started with a deep appreciation and passion in design has brought Fuad Misbah, now an Associate Graphic Designer in Astro AWANI to dedicate himself in the field of graphic design and visual communication. He began with quite a technical background when he was studying for his bachelor’s degree in Universiti Tenaga nasional in the course of Information Technology majoring in graphic and multimedia. Soon, he ventured in the field of art & design education when he became a lecturer for the School of Creative Design, SEGi University, Malaysia. It was during his employment here that he decided to pursue his masters degree in visual communication and new media at MARA University of Technology (MARA), Malaysia. After completing his postgraduate study, still with his passion in visual communication and graphic design, he decided to leave the education world to pursue a career in the Malaysian creative industry employing with Astro AWANI as a graphic designer. Today, apart from working with Astro AWANI, he is also a freelance graphic designer, pouring his ideas and vision to make a mark as well as an impact in the Malaysian creative industry. With his mojo in simplicity and minimalism, this energetic half-javanese graphic designer works tirelessly and strive to be one of the best graphic designer out there. He is ‘The Work in Progress’.

  • Work
    • Graphic Designer
  • Education
    • Master of Art & Design (Visual Communication & New Media)
    • B.IT (Graphic & Multimedia)(Hons.)