Kevin Racamada Sison


Hi! I'm Kevin. 19 Years Old. The 3rd Son of Mr. Marlon Ruiz Sison and Mrs. Veronica Abrigo Racamada.

I've studied at University of Luzon. College of Accountancy. But I'm transferring to Pangasinan State University to take up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

I'm a League of Legends PH Player. Support Role is my Favorite Role in the Game. My IGN is Fubuki Atsuya. I can give you some Advice or Tips on game especially about Support Roles. My Favorite Champion is Sona.

The Best Player of League of Legends for me is Ambition.

Support is one of the Most Exciting Role in the Game. You can have yourself as a Bait for the Team in orde to secure a Kill. Also leading your Team to Victory.

Important Item that Support should carry is Wards.

A good Support must have great Map Awareness and Micromanagement.

Communicates well with his Team. But mostly at his AD Carry.

I Love Surfing the Net. Play Games on my Computer. I Love eSports.

Also Loves Singing. Playing the Guitar. Preferrably Base Guitar.

Still Learning how to use Tumblr and

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration