im peej and i love sinning and dying. im good at being a very gross sad autistic hairy monster fire demon thing. i hate needles and nagito komaeda with a burning passion


personality:leo rising libra sun and taurus moon (aug 22nd), INFP, chaotic neutral, and melancholic

❤: dr and sdr2, show by rock, WatGBS, game of thrones, anime, drawing, fantasy stuff

♫ : tool, a perfect circle, alice in chains, pearl jam, msi, ffdp, system of a down


brain:autism spectrum disorder, PTSD, atypical depression + depressive episodes
body:osteochondroma, anemia, kidney problems i won't go into


kintypes: monster, ghost, space, red fox, elf, fire

literally me:crow (sb69), yuichirou hyakuya (owari no seraph)
primary fictives:kazuichi souda (sdr2), rin okumura (ao no exorcist), shu✩zo (sb69)

secondary fictives: yuki sanada (tsuritama),