fuckface mcgee

dude, i just bus tables. i can't even drive. in Dallas, Georgia

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holy shit i hate this website ok

hi im lance

some htings people call me include

-lancey ( i like that one)

-france (mia made that one)

-minty (bc i steal copious amounts of mints from various places)

also that meme? i made that yeah thats right i am cool as hell


so uh

listen i have headmates ok i hate talking about them but theyre there ok you gotta know theres a ton but like shhsshhs. we pretend there arent. btu i only talk about like 4 of them maybe.

i hate talking about my kins and headmates to people im not close to becaus eHOly SHIT im insecure btu like if youre reading this i guess that means you actually care so


dont follow if your kin wiht

-dazai osamu (bsd)

-mikaela hyakuya (ons)

-izaya orihara (drrr)
-if youre like,, romantically affiliated with any of those people bc yikes that would be So awkward ok. but i mean if you just really liek them tahts cool. but like what im saying is i dont need my boyfriend's doubles following me, by chance,,,,

also i will probably Not talk publicly about my boyfriend so unless you like... know me youre gonna hear 0 about him besides "we went to the mall today" or smth ok

i am like so sorry i keep making typos but i dont wanan fix them cause they are accurate to my personality tbh lmao im a walking typo

writing this made me hate myself more

kotori is best girl