Scout Adams

18 HS grad going to SC in fall and living and working out of South Bay Beach town in Souther California. Like surfing, skating, biking, all sports - especially football [was QB and school last 2 years], chasing the dragon, and hot sex with a hot man or 2 or 3 ....etc. (some times as g4p). Here's a trip. We can go out and hustle as a 2-fer together. Of course we throw the ball around, bike, surf or some watersports, but eventually end up sucking, fucking, jerking off, kissing, spitting, or pissing together. Not much I don't enjoy when it comes to sports or cums to sex. I do have a very open relationship with my BF who's name is Ty. He is HOT, Sexy, and smart. He's also a jock like me. Although we are "open" I have to keep any on-line relationships to chat, email, and phone (otherwise we'd both be the stars of the next "Guys Gone Wild" video, or more likely an episode of "Cops"). I don't really watch TV, or go to movies much. I have 4 brothers (male), and live with rents who are usually in Paris (La maman est française et est née à Paris) or Rio (ele nasceu no Brasil ). I keep an eye on 2 younger bros, but they're pretty good self-managers. They're wild, but learned to keep the law out of their business (unlike me). After re-reading this is does not make sense. To be honest, I can't really leave the house right now for legal reasons, and I wear a big fucking ankle bracelet at fucking rents' insistence so they can continue working (intl. F/A and bizman in and out of S.A).. It's not forever! So C'est tout, that's enough - OK? Ciao. (Eventually, I'll re-do this and cut it down to about 2 or 3 long sentences. The above is my uncensored first one-way conversation with you).