Fucking Kylee

I'm generous, outgoing people who goes oit of his way for his friends.
I's sweet and caring towards people, I always have a laid back and calm approach. Truthful, kind, loving but I can be a bit of a stress head at times.

I'm the type of people that would give his hoodie to her to wear and cuddles up next to he when shes cold, the one who comes up behind her, gently wrap his arms around her waist, catches her off guard and whispers you look beautiful♥
Can't live without music, post-hardcore and crunckcore is pretty much the best music can be and a few of my favorite artist are... :

Kings of leon
Simple Plan
Guns n' Roses
Good Charlotte
Linkin Park
Bruno Mars
My Chemical Romance
30 seconds to mars
Black Eyed Peas
Katy Perry