rain fuck you

I'm rain. You can also call me kin, kages, kagay, kageyama, or kagayama. Use him/he pronouns bc i like them.

I can be an asshole, like right now, but if you bring up a topic that interests me, I'll turn into a kind little fuck. An example would be funny cat memes. Dm me those. Love cat memes.

I curse sometimes. I like love live, and anime, and haikyuu. haikyuu and anime are two different things.

I hit on males and females so don't think i won't pester you about nudes. Also, i have a kink for calves. So send me nudes and your calves. And cat memes.

edit bc im too lazy to actually remove all that jazz: um. im honestly not that hostile. i was just in a mood when i wrote this. just dm me cat memes or just say hi in a dm so you can follow me. i just do this bc i dont want mean people to follow me, you know? :p i can take hate really well, i just want my account to be full of friends that are comfortable with chatting with me tbh ill probably redo this on tumvlr or something bc tumblr has alot more cute themes.