Fudley Bezuidenhout

Silver Oaks, Kuils River

I've been, fairly accurately I think, described as an energetic, enthusiastic, focussed, make-it-happen kinda person. And while on this planet I am using my gifts to make a difference in my world.

I am an IT Entrepreneur that operates Better Practice Management. BPM provides IT solutions to small to medium sized local businesses and health care service providers. I develop software, websites and put together systems for my clients to help them achieve their business success goals. My flagship product is undoubtedly Medinol Practice Management Software, which has generated well over R1billion since its inception in 1984.

I run lectures in the domain of medical and dental practice management and administration filling a gap left by many universities in their training of doctors and dentists.

I'm also a consultant who has been responsible for the buying and selling of well over 20 medical and dental practices - large and small.

In addition, I am an accomplished musician (bass quitar) having played with a number of top Cape Town bands in the jazz, pop rock genres. I've performed on the club and restuarant circuits, live shows and in the studio.

Better Practice Management, P.O. Box 466, Kuils River. Call (021) 906-2296 or 082 688 9610.

Email me on: [email protected] (business)

[email protected] (personal)

  • Work
    • Better Practice Management
  • Education
    • B.Sc. Elec. Eng., Pr.Eng.