Student in Noth, France


Student in Noth, France

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aight. im rococo and this is my about! ☆

im a trans male who has no fucking idea what his sexuality is, and if you're here, that's probably because you wanna follow me, right?

i literally just am rococo urupa. we are one and the same!

me, literally no other way to put it:

fubuki atsuya (ie)

fudou akio (ie)

rod/roto (dk)


sal (watgbs)

moge-ko (mc)

arceus (pokemon)

satoshi mochida (cp) (he's a weird one. you can follow if you double)

if you're kin with any of those characters, avoid following me. doubles aren't appreciated.

my slightly less important kins:

alain (pokemon)

alucard (cv)

uta (tg)

athena cykes (aa)

otherkins (please follow):

aerodactylkin (pokemon)

pidgeotkin (pokemon)

dinosaurkin (mojoceratops)


but as for about myself, im just some dick with a gore aesthetic and an offensive sense of humour who really likes sharks. i have a terrible habit of cursing due to the conditions i was raised under, so please dont follow if that's a problem for you.

comfort stuff:

platonic rocowindy*****

platonic fusaku*****

sakuma jirou***** ☆

endou mamoru***** ☆

genda kojirou*****

kidou yuuto***** ☆?

fubuki shirou***** ☆

windy faster***** ☆

princess mikotsu*****

dinosaurs (mainly ceratopsids, sauropods and hadrosaurs)*****





im not really uncomfortable with anything outside of incest (especially fubucest, samesal and satoyuka but hey that's bias)

(if a comfort character's name has a large star by it, ive already found em)

to prove that you've read this, send me a dm on ig with the words "yukimura goose" along with??? why you wanna follow? sure.

haha wow i got lazy with this shit