Ahmad Chaudhry

Inthe hair restoration speciality, there are two techniques that are very famousone is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), which is an old technique oftenknown as the strip surgery and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), which is amodern way of getting your lost hair back.In FUE procedure no blades orscalpels are used as in the strip surgery, instead a small surgical instrumentis used to extract one follicular unit at a time. The scars are invisible, withthe option of shaving their headthroughout the life time. The recovery time is less for the patient along withless bleeding. The chance of severing the follicles with little destruction canbe obtained through this procedure.As the single follicle is extracted at atime, the principle of obtaining FUE is based on a simple technique. The procedureand the uniformity of the outcome may vary with each surgeon. FUE is a timeintensive procedure and requires a great set of skills and expertise from thehair restoration surgeon for a long period of time.

Techniques used for FUE

Asin FUE, the follicles are extracted individually, about 20% of the grafts areharvested per procedure in the sameamount of time of a FUT procedure. As it is the latest technique in the hairrestoration business, there are recent advances that are aiming to solve theproblems that are coming in the way.

· There are motorizedharvest hand pieces which gets attached to the suction that combine the punchand the harvest.

· Another wellknown motorized device is the Neograft, which is a manual surgical deviceextracting follicular units from the donor area and harvesting them in therecipient area through an air-pressure or a suction-pedestal system. It is not a robotic system, but this machineis to some extent automated. This one-step device can harvest 2,000 grafts in one single session. NeoGrafttransmit on a manual control which is provided by a human operator forselecting and extracting follicular unitgrafts. The robotic hair transplantsurgery, on the other hand delivers a good rate of healthier grafts,regardless of the operator. NeoGraft machine used for FUE can make humanerrors, as the skill level of the surgeon and the speed in which it isperformed varies.

The suitable angulation,follicular unit control, depth, resulting traction and performation are mustfor an optimal outcome. Hence, it is proved that FUE hair requires more skillsand expertise than the strip surgery.


Though fueprocedure needs more concentration and time of the surgeon and t