Ardian Kurtolli

Social Media Manager in Prishtina,

Ardian Kurtolli

Social Media Manager in Prishtina,

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As Ardian Kurtolli:

During my life i had experience in : Programing,Gaming,Teen-hacking,Sales,Consulting,Design,Video-production,Creative Development,Singing,Performing... But i Still Cant Get Enough!

Working Experience:

8 Years in IT at COMTRADE Computers,

4 Years in Videoproduction at Entermedia,

CEO of fresh created SCUTA GAMING.

I simply enjoy every second of who i am,that's why i am gonna probably enjoy who i'm gonna be in the future. Focused In Entertainment Business atm. Especialy SCUTA GAMING!

Specialties Branding and Identity, Video Production, Music Video Ideas/Scripts/Production,Staff Motivation,Business Negotiation,Presentations,Singing,ProGaming,Events.

As FuGaa the Artist:

Starting as a young boy listening Ice Cubes "Check yourself", FuGaA started 1st steps in rapping, Angry by the rap culture that flowed in Kosova , Fugaa in 2003 united with Infinit Records and debuted 1st with disses, following he's 1st Debute album "te dhena mbi autorin" in 2005, He's 1st video single "Ska mu nal" left a mark in the TV's and was crowned with 2 awards in the 2007 Video-Fest . FuGaA then goes to electro hiphop beats in 2008 making "Electro" wich is a featuring with the rnb artist Bubulina Krasniqi,mentioning on the song that these are 2010 beats wich will follow.The revolution and trend movements in hiphop come in kosova too especialy the electro style comes into mainstream douring 2010.FuGaA's organized profesional comeback comes in to play in this summer with releasing of the 2 featurings with Flori "Making Of" and Elvana "Mamani Nejen".Its here, its planed, its special, its especialy or you beloved fans.Lets all together follow FuGaA on the road of the beautifull world of our wonderfull MUSIC.

As FuGaa the Gamer:

Gaming entered my soul when i was very young, i was one of the lucky kids in kosovo to have realatives that were involved in the Tech-Industry so i had games infront of me since the karateka era.When Wolfenstein 3d,Mortal Kombat's,Heretic,Zeliard,Prince and Supaplex conquered my child days.After the war in kosovo gaming started to grow so FuGaA grew as gamer with it.Created and Managed Cstrike and WoW teams/guilds with international reputation.Now founder of the first Gaming Company in Kosovo "Scuta Gaming"