Dan Fugardi

Real Estate Advisor, Technologist, and Lifestyle Video Production in Los Angeles, California

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From all over the states, primarily NJ, FL, TN and HI. Started my professional life as a nuclear engineer, served a term in the Navy. Spent time redeveloping parts of downtown Los Angeles in several aspects and built in add-on community initiatives. I've also produced live and onscreen events and film in entertainment, all of which have had an underlying humanitarian driver.

I'm still active in both residential and commercial real estate. My alliances are with the most respected authorities in the industry.

Currently I am a founder at a technology company, Clout: A spending intelligence driven financial system designed to create higher targeting and efficiency in the B2C cycle, resulting in new value for consumers, businesses, and banks.

I love life and I'm a big thinker. My ultimate aspiration is to find a way to redirect money created as a result of higher efficiency systems into a global infrastructure that serves important needs around the world. Issues would be solved in heavily underserved areas while the model maintains business sense for the associated countries. My goal is that a powerful self-sustaining machine might be left behind when I am gone.

Outside of business I fly planes, play hockey, like to explore when possible, and take a mentor role to several who might benefit from my past experiences. Conversely, for those ahead of me in life, I'm always seeking wisdom and mentorship whenever the opportunity is available. I care emensly about people. Business or personal, making relationships with the right people in life is a top priority of mine. Once that is established, I am always here to help.

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