Arthur "fuj1n" Uzulin

Who am I?

Hello, I am Arthur, otherwise known as fuj1n. I am a highly skilled programmer and work on open source projects in my free time, however, oftentimes this is impeded upon by my studies as I am at the same time a full-time student.

My goals for the future are entirely within the programming industry.


I started computing at the age of 4, where I sat in front of a computer without any experience whatsoever, and without the knowledge of the English language, which at that point was pretty much the only language most operating systems provided for interface.

My first operating system was Windows 97, however, my first personal computer was a cheap Packard Bell I got at the age of 5 that was running MS-DOS 6.22.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me on IRC, #TinkersConstruct@Esper

  • Education
    • Glenwood High School
    • Caddies Creek Public School
    • Rigas Vidusskola No 95