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What is TMONO?

What kind of expression would it be if we turned Kimono into a casual fashion?

The answer we found is TMONO.

Kimono is a masterpiece of Japanese tradition and people wear it on special occasions.

In recent years, many have applied new textiles and traditional techniques to Kimono, to make it more unique and favorable. However, not many people wear it on daily occasions.

We want people to enjoy Kimono as a 「Fashion」on daily basis.

We have focused on the「Form」of the Kimono, and bring drastic change with fusion of T-shirt and Kimono.

In perspective of SHUHARI model (three stages of learning mastery: the fundamentals, breaking with tradition, parting with traditional wisdom), TMONO was created.

守 (Protect - Traditional Wisdom)

Japanese traditional clothes = kimono and yukata

破(Detach - Breaking with Tradition)

Japanese traditional clothes incorporating new essence = traditional + α

離(Leave - Transcendence)

Totally new style of kimono as fashion = "TMONO"

We will create a new culture with TMONO and spread across the world.

One day TMONO will be the standard of the new「Form」of Kimono to be handed down to the next generation.