hey im zizi + i live in nyc🌙

im (hopefully) going to animazement so hmu if you are also!!

i love oikawa tooru and wen junhui a lot so i talk about them all the time + if either of then annoy you then you probably shouldnt follow lmao

im a fem gemini!! my birthday is 6/14 and my only pronouns are she/her.

dont even bother following if you have a problem with @hoshitsukirenge (olivya) or @oikawakink (jolie) because i will call you out immediately hoe 😩😩👋👋 ↓↓↓

(dont follow if you have a problem with rdn or van or any of their friends also!!)

dont follow if youre an sjw or a furry either seriously i will just softblock + make fun of you

if you have anything you want me to know before you follow you can dm me!! thanks for reading!!