rhi's byf

rhi's byf

hey there i'm rhi, i'm 14 and i'm english-scottish. i use they/them pronouns, i'm asexual and demiromantic.

my precious friends are meg, nish, via and kirsty + i love them all so much (platonically) if you hurt them in any way i'll bite you

i'm really into persona, dangan ronpa and undertale + i post those a lot. i also like corpse party, twewy, jacksepticeye, steven universe, wadanohara and hataraku maou-sama but i won't post those as often

also if i'm triggered i won't tell anyone + i'll just get quietly upset

triggers are:


-any kind of abuse

do not follow if:

-you're homophobic, transphobic or ableist

-you think my triggers are fun to joke about

-you hate any of my close friends

-you'll bring up my triggers

-you won't see me as my kins

kins list!

main kin (don't follow if you kin with these characters):

-junpei iori - persona 3

-kazuichi souda - dangan ronpa 2

-sans - undertale

secondary kin (ok to follow):

-tamami uesugi - p4dan

-jataro kemuri - dangan ronpa another episode

questioning kin:

-amethyst - steven universe

-beat - twewy

-suzuno kamazuki - hataraku maou-sama

also you should dm to be accepted. yeah that's a thing that happens now. deal