Hugh Fulcher

Forest, Virginia (Lynchburg address)

Hugh Drummond Fulcher graduated from Virginia Tech, B.S. in Physics (mi­nor in math), and M.S., in Nuclear Engineering. His thesis was on nuclear reactor modeling and design. He was a licensed operator of the nuclear reactor at Virginia Tech, and studied at Argonne National Laboratory.

He was a University physics and engineering instructor for Virginia Tech and Danville Community College. He modeled and designed nuclear reactor cores, developed nuclear software monitoring systems, and performed nuclear safety analysis,. He has written seven books.

Mr. Fulcher worked with nuclear reactor design companies, nuclear utilities, nuclear consulting compa­nies, and National Laboratories.

Conversations on neurosurgery with O. Hugh Fulcher, MD, an uncle and former Head of the Georgetown University Neurosurgery Department, and experience modeling complex nuclear reactor systems, inspired Mr. Fulcher to model the brain, mind, and God for understanding and personal enhancement.

Mr. Fulcher has developed mind healing and spiritual models over thirty years. His latest book: Philosophy of Healing and Spirituality, A Mind Adventure extends brain, mind, and spiritual models beyond current reasoning, philosophy limits to question current social, neuroscience, and religion practices.

"A Philosophy of Healing and Spirituality" is now available on

  • Work
    • Nuclear Engineer, Financial Company Owner, Writer