Melvin Palmer

1. Objective Guidance. Consultants who are paid fees are more likely to give you unbiased advice than consultants who earn profits on the basis of the amount of money you spend. If the consultant profits from ad agency commissions, he's an inherent conflict of interest because th...

Once we quickly approach the new year, many companies are getting ready to start their 2006 marketing efforts. If you're considering hiring a marketing expert, make certain you consider 17 tips to these.

1. Objective Assistance. Consultants who are paid fees are more prone to give you unbiased advice than instructors who earn profits on the basis of the amount of cash you spend. When the guide earnings from ad agency profits, he's an inherent conflict of interest because the more you spend, the more he makes.

2. Knowledge. Marketing is really specific and complex that I recommend you hire anyone who has provided marketing services for a minimum of 1-5 years. But, do not assume that since the person has been in business 15 years, he has the knowledge, skill, judgment and experience you'll need. Ensure you thoroughly interview all instructors you are considering.

3. Workload. This striking FullerLong Planning Consultants - London - Google+ URL has limitless dynamite suggestions for when to recognize this activity. Does the law marketing expert do the task for you? Or does the advertising person serve as a coach and simply tell you what you ought to be doing?

4. Company. Do you believe that the specialist wants to provide you with all the help you need to make your program succeed? Or do you get the impression that you are only a small fish in the ocean and that he's searching for bigger fish to fry?

5. Entry. Is the guide hidden behind a wall of account executives, assistants and administrative assistants? Or is he readily available for you by phone, fax, and e-mail?

6. Security. Has got the expert been providing marketing services for a few years? Or is he new to marketing -- or new to attorney marketing -- and just waiting for the chance to move ahead to something different?

7. Marketing Emphasis. Could be the guide a full-time marketing professional? Or does h-e offer advice in other professions, including management, hr, training or money?

8. Power. Does the consultant have sufficient experience that he is just a recogn