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Mixing Firm with “enjoyment” hasn’t been a recipe for a “happily ever after” and sexual activity at work appears to cause annoyance more frequently than gratification. Each year, an average of 15,000 claims are filed for sexual harassment at the office; news reports about sexual scandals between notable supervisors and work subordinates excite public contempt and outrage; even more couples and families split because of an extramarital affair which among the spouses started in the office; and much more psychotherapists treat patients undergoing the aftermaths of an office romance gone sour. Such aftermaths may vary from feeling angry, confused, ashamed and humiliated to being fired from the project, sometimes with no hint of recommendation.

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More Companies nowadays are applying work relationship policies, providing training about job love, or opting to reveal lenience toward intimate participation among workers, provided that it does not undermine productivity and staff effort. And so many men and women aren’t clear about the principles of love on the job. Nevertheless a taboo and a topic for tabloid gossip, sex and love at work is regarded as a thorny issue the majority of us wish would disappear.
Whether you are an employer or worker, here is the Way to prepare your employees and to Take Care of Cupid striking in the workplace:

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