Lucas Booker

Did you know that one of the few success facets in web copy that turns (other than skilled copy writing, obviously) is nothing other than professional visual types?

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Do people choose a book by its cover? YES.

Do people judge your solution by its looks? YOU BET!

So, as it pertains for your prospect reading your sales letter, I am sure you're now inclined to trust me that demonstration MATTERS.

And thats due to the fact as mentioned above, in most cases GOOD LOOKS SELL! Obviously there are always a few exceptions... Discover more on partner sites by going to our compelling portfolio. When I'd to offer my partner on marrying me like. ;) But lets get back on topic...

Here is the case when switching to higher models as many entrepreneurs frequently report a jump in their conversion rates. Some even report a raise of as high as 200-300%!

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Of course... in the end it comes all back again to traditional split testing, the same way Aurelius did at his site.

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Regrettably, perhaps not every one is cut out for planning spectacular graphics. And perhaps not everyone have the budget to cover manufacturers for top-notch design.

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