Suraj Nair


Cloud hosting has taken the world by a storm. Fast, efficient and reliable. These are the words many use to describe this cloud technology. It may perhaps the most accepted and implemented form of cloud technology available in the market today.

Did you know that even a 1 second delay can cost up to 10% loss of revenue from customers? Today’s customers expect high speed services and they will be turned off if they find the site they use to be slow or unresponsive. This is where the cloud offers a helping hand to businesses that are fed up with traditional hosting that is entirely dependent on a single server.

Managed cloud hosting provider gets its performance by relying on several servers rather than a single server. In cloud hosting, your website is hosted on several servers all around the world. In case a server shuts down or is going through maintenance, other servers will take up the service of running your website for your customers without downtime. If a server is overloaded with traffic usage other servers share that load allowing higher speed and performance for your customers.

Your data and your users personal information is also more secure with the cloud. Since your user’s database is split and kept in several servers, security is further increased. This is because even if a hacker accesses a server he will only get a small amount of your user’s information.

In case you are worried about how to operate the cloud there are services out there that provide fully managed clouds. In addition to providing their customers cloud hosting, they assign an account manager who will maintain and secure your cloud. This service ensures that your cloud is constantly monitored and the latest updates and security fixes are applied on time. It is an expensive affair for most companies to hire and a train cloud administrator, which is why many opt for fully managed clouds. They also have the advantage of tailoring the cloud to support your website and the specific applications you want to run. They routinely conduct backups and prevent any illegal access of your data. The return on investment of fully managed clouds is worth every penny for businesses that rely heavily on their customer’s privacy and security.