Fulvio de Giovanni

Sales Engineer in Milano, Italia

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Hi :)

if you landed on this page is probably because you want to know more about me.

You could interview someone in my workplace and ask if I'm able to promote and deliver technology to people, if i know about Payments, Networking, Cloud Computing, Security. Probably most of them might say i have a wide technical knowledge, but never stuck on details; you can engage with me any kind of discussion about technology and its impact, regardless if you are a programmer or a manager. Check Sales Engineering, it is my everyday work.

Ask my friends, they'd say I'm sincere, devoted, but also polemic and stingy (just a bit :P), for some of them I'm bright, creative and cultured, some consider me an authentic geek, someone would say I'm a... forgetful thinker.

Now, ask me who is Fulvio: an open-minded guy, always curious and excited, who accepts and wins everyday challenges, who loves his life and thinks on his feet.

  • Work
    • Sales Engineer
  • Education
    • Computer Engineering