Fulvio Furbatto

Owner of AdviceLab ,a digital loyalty & behavioral analysis agency , who lives in Italy and who job near the top brand in the fmcg.www.advicegroup.it WE PROMOTE THE PROGRESS MARKETING THINKING: “OBSERVE, MEASURE, and REACT” in the digital marketing era! A new vision that places at the core of any project of DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT, LOYALTY, and CRM, the ability to measure in progress the redemptions of the activity, integrated with behaviour analysis systems that, according to a 1to1 perspective, are useful to increase sell-out. OUR MISSION is to lead companies that up to now have invested in promotional activities based on traditional tools and not really measurable into INNOVATIVE PROGRESS MKT PROJECTS. We offer solutions for the CONSUMER, TRADE and RETAIL areas with specific purposes: “high measurement and real-time performance analysis that can be strengthened in progress to boost redemptions during the activity” .FF