Fulya Pirim

Photographer and Artist in Istanbul, Turkey

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An artographer from Istanbul. Life passion is creating.


Between the years 1998 and 2000, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs organized a presentation due to the celebrations of the 700th Anniversary of the Ottoman Empire and. I actively took role as a presenter during the activities that were organised in order to present Turkey and Turkish culture. Represented Turkey in many countries. During that time I had the chance to observe the different cultural livings and the interactive art of different countries. In 2003 I stayed in Amsterdam for a short time and worked with a local artist. I started working acrylic on canvas in figurative abstract style. In 2005 I ran my first own-art exhibition. My interest in art began to include the art of photography in 2007. I supported my photographical knowledge by joining the classes and workshops of Galata Academy of Photography, and began to work as a freelance photographer. Now I run my own photography business in Istanbul. I got scuba diving certificate in 2006 and experienced the underwater photography as well. I love travelling to unusual places, hiking and photography. Working in both colour and black & white, my photographic style is modern and distinctive with a classical edge. Instead of limiting myself to one type of photography, I try to embrace a wide variety of styles, themes and locations.

Art works and photographs exhibited and have received honours and awards:

“Galapagos Islands: An Undisturbed Corner Of The Earth” _ Beyoğlu Municipal Art Gallery İstanbul _ 2013 _ Photography Exhibition

“Destination: Ecuador” _ Conrad Istanbul _ 2013 _ Photography Exhibition

“Everything about women” _ Akatlar Culture Centre İstanbul _ 2012 _ Joint Art Exhibition


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